Web Services

If you have decided that a web site is just what your business needs, then you may find yourself confronted with a confusing array of costs, options, and (maybe most perplexing of all) terminology relating to getting your site designed and running. We can simplify things for you by quickly explaining just what you need to have a web site, and what the likely costs will be if you elect to have us design and manage your site for you.

Below are the items that you will need for a professional web site:

Light Weaver specializes in the last item in the above list, and we provide expert guidance and assistance to our clients with respect to the first two items.

Light Weaver offers web site creation solutions that are suitable for every business requirement and budget. We offer "pay by the hour" development services for those clients who have requirements that are loosely defined and/or who wish to directly participate in all phases of the site building process. For those clients who have a reasonably well defined idea as to what they want their site to be like, we provide individually tailored web site development "packages." If you are not certain as to what you want in your web site, we will be delighted to help you in your planning. After working with you to develop your web site requirements, we will provide you with a detailed written development outline and a guaranteed cost for performing the indicated work.

We will gladly assist you with arranging your web hosting and with the selection and registration of your domain name (if you are uncertain as to what these terms mean, just click on either term for a brief explanation).

Once your web site is up and running, we can provide you with affordable maintenance and management services, so that you can quickly have changes made to your site content and so that you never have to worry about the operational details of your site. Included with every Light Weaver created and deployed site is 30 days of no-additional-cost post-deployment web site management – you thereby have assurance that any unforeseen problems are resolved and that other hosting-related technical details are addressed (e.g., establishing web site-specific e-mail accounts).

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