Web Site Management
Web Site Maintenance

Web site maintenance customarily entails updating the content of a client's web site (adding and deleting textual material and related photos or other graphics), backing up dynamically-created data (visit counters, journals, etc.), making minor changes to the overall layout and site navigation, diagnosing visitor-reported access problems, and making recommendations as to major site changes/enhancements. All web site maintenance is done either at the client's direction (in the case of web site updates and changes) or with the client's prior knowledge and agreement (for things like doing regular backups of selected files, working on reported access problems, site analysis leading to recommended changes, etc.).

Web site management includes all the tasks associated with site maintenance plus the job of general web hosting account technical oversight. The oversight responsibilities include all non-finance related interactions with the client's web hosting company. As your web site manager we will deal with your hosting company regarding all technical issues associated with your web site. We will, at your direction, manage the e-mail accounts associated with your web site, adding and deleting accounts, setting virus and spam scanning options (when available), setting auto-forward and auto-reply features, etc. We take care of adjusting your site's various security features, including protected directories and dedicated or proxy security certificates associated with ssl (the feature that makes the little lock on your browser close, thereby indicating that all information being transmitted is secure), as you specify.

With the Light Weaver Group acting as your web site manager, you can focus on your business or organization and on how your web site enhances your operation, while we worry with the details of how it all happens. We offer affordable web site management and/or maintenance services that reflect the nature of each client's web site. For cost details, please see our Web Services Costs section.

If you really don't want to be reliant on us (or any one else) to do maintenance and management activities on your web site, be sure to tell us early in the development planning process. We can provide you with a web design that will allow you or your staff to perform most of the maintenance and management tasks without outside help. Though the design and development costs of such a site are only slightly greater than a more conventional approach, there will be a training process wherein we walk you through the various aspects of managing your site. See out Costs section for training-related costs.

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