Domain Names

One of the very first things you will need in order to present your business or organization in a professional manner on the web is a "domain name." A domain name is simply a people-friendly way of directing your web browser to a particular web site. When you type something into the address field of your web browser window, you are usually typing a domain name. Your domain name will be the internet "address" for your web site.

So – how do you get a domain name? The are numerous companies that serve as "domain name registrars", and as such they are authorized to assign you the domain name of your choice, as long as that name is not already assigned to someone else. Each of these registrars also provide you with the web-based software required to manage your domain name and to specify the web site to which it "points." Your domain name will consist of the unique name that you choose followed by a suffix that is usually one of the following (the common suffixes are followed by what they signify about the web sites with which they are associated):

.com  – Commercial, but commonly used for everything
.net  – Internet administrative site, but commonly used for everything
.org  – Organization
.info  – Information
.biz  – Business
.us  – United States
.name  – Personal Web sites
too confusing and too much information? – don't worry...we'll help!
You will usually have to pay an annual registration fee for your domain name, though if your domain name was included as a part of your web hosting account there may be no additional charge. Annual domain name registration fees typically range from about $6 to $15 ... the range of costs generally relates to the number of management services offered by the various registrars.

If you've read this far, you may be saying (as have some of our clients) "this is too confusing and TOO MUCH information!" If that is the case, then don't worry. Light Weaver will be delighted to help you set up your domain name, or - if you prefer - we will take care of all the details for you (a credit card number will be required for us to do the domain name set up for you).

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