Light Weaver has been creating quality web sites since 1996, and our staff has over 30 years of experience in the fields of computer programming and data communications. Our primary focus is the creation of Web sites for small business and non-profits that promote unique high-quality services or products. We create high-performance sites featuring custom graphics, designs, and functions that are tailored to our clients' products and services. We believe that a functional, visually pleasing, and informative World Wide Web presence should not be an unduly expensive undertaking, regardless of whether a client is a private individual, a non-profit organization, or a business.

We strive to become very familiar with our clients' environments and the expectations which lead them to want to have a presence on the Web, and work to ensure that these expectations are met. In some cases, where the Web is not an appropriate means whereby to meet a client's goals, we will be honest in giving that assessment. Light Weaver offers web site creation solutions that are suitable for every business requirement and budget.

a client who says "that's wonderful" ... the best form of advertising

We also offer document design and image enhancement services. We can design your business cards, letter heads, posters, fliers, and brochures so that all your printed promotional material is visually consistent with your web site.

Meeting or exceeding the client's expectations is first and foremost in all that we do. If we work into the wee hours in order to satisfy our own sense of aesthetics with respect to the creation of a client's Web site ... perhaps to make it even better than anticipated, the client will not see any charges for the extra effort – our payment for that comes in our satisfaction with what we create.

We believe that a client who looks at the result of a Light Weaver site design and says "that's wonderful" will be our very best form of advertising and support.

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